Listen to and buy Mandragora Tango Orchestra music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Siete Tandas by Mandragora Tango Orchestra on the independent. MandrĂ¡gora Tango. likes. We’ve played more milongas than any band outside of Argentina. (At least , most of which are from playing every Sunday.. . Gary Korlin’s naturalistic approach to painting is embedded in his 19th Century French Academic training. And, Mandragora Tango performs. AIR DATE 9/22/

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The band stopped playing some time aroundbut we’re leaving this website up as a resource and for the memories. It starts early 11PM or so with tandas of traditional, highly rhythmic Argentine tangos and gets more and more lush and passionate as the night progresses. There are cue notes in most of the mandrxgora, so, for example, if the sax player couldn’t make it to a gig, the trumpet player would have the sax solo in tiny notes on the trumpet part.

Mandragora Tango tanyo no longer a thing We had a great run, but several years ago it got too difficult and I had to step away for a while. Ben Bogart of tangojam. The results are pretty amazing and mandrragora danceable!

When we returned, we played a homecoming gig at the Cedar Cultural Center that we recorded for posterity. Each part had to be laboriously hand copied, which created a huge barrier to entry for a tango band.

Like and Follow us on Facebook! All these tracks are a good deal faster than I would play these songs today. If you like these charts, I highly reccomend that you buy some charts from Edition Universelles in Paris. The album art is a picture of Jones and his favorite anteater. Robert “Fish” Jones was a Mpls fishmonger with a flair for marketing.


This was recorded to a cassette tape in my living room. Here are 50 2-page piano arrangments 17MB of tangos from his collection. He has produced an awesome playbook of about 20 of the most common tangos for dancing. We are strong believers in live music and that the best way to promote live tango music is to make some of this vintage sheetmusic available.

Sorry: Mandragora Tango is no longer a thing

We’ve posted all of those tunes to YouTube and made the audio tracks available for listening or download below. Publishers sold these like 45rpm records: Come out and dance to the Mandragora beat you know and love fortified with strings and piano! Se dice de mi Canaro: Notice that I said demo “tape”.

The front cover usually had some jandragora of artwork to catch the eye.

Here are some tracks from that show: You can also listen to it in a pop-up window This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. A “stock arrangement” is a basic arrangement that can be used for dancing.

A rolicking 3 minutes of undanceable Piazzolla goodness. The piano part in these arrangements is mostly rhythm and fill. You can also download it as a screensaver. We apologize for the confusion. The musicians generally play off of arrangements where each note is written down. Finally, this sheetmusic is almost impossible to find outside of Argentina. On April 29th, we will celebrate 10 years of live tango music.

CDs, download cards, and shoe bags will be mandragoda for purchase. Check out these pages: You will see a lot of this rhythm: Mandragora Hango would like to thank executive producers Jennifer Kozar and Janusz Godyn, without whom this project would not have been possible!

Doors open at 9PM with the performance at The beauty of these charts is that you don’t need all the parts for the music to sound decent.


I’m a big believer that information wants to be free. The title comes from the fact that all of us live within 10 blocks of each other in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Today you are going to enter the past of mandrahora life. Piazzolla available, but this is not suitable for dancing.

MandrĂ¡gora Tango

We’ll probabbly re-record are few of these tracks in a studio sooner or later. Finale makes a free entry-level program called Finale Notepad that is powerful enough for most tango bands. This is the way we end our milongas. One thing I hear a lot from fellow tango musicians is the difficulty of finding arrangments suitable for dancing. Tango dancers generally prefer DJ’d music because there are simply not enough good tango bands out there to show folks how great it is to dance tango to live music.

Most of them were small neighborhood groups analogous to “garage bands” of today.

If you use the MIDI file, none of the articulations will be preserved. He can follow the rhythm and do is own fills. Three things are carried by my wounded heart: He introduced us to a lot of great tangos and let me scan and post! One of my originals. Like and Follow us on Facebook! If you can read leadsheets and are just starting out as a tango player, these charts may be just the thing for you.

The dancers who are left on the nearly empty floor can enjoy an almost erotic interplay of sound and motion before they go their separate ways.