New Saucerian proudly presents “My Visit to Venus,” the rarest of T. Lobsang Rampa’s books. It was rescued from the dustbin by Gray Barker, who provides an . Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus. Forword by John A. Keel Did T. Lobsang Rampa actually go buzzing through the solar system in a flying saucer? Or was. Written by T. Lobsang Rampa, narrated by Steve White. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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The vehicles passing on either side of us seemed to come charging at us, and then at the last instant miss us.

My Visit to Venus

This book was, in fact, chapters deleted from one of his other works. It looked as if the whole Earth was girded with gold, red, green, and of deepest purple, waving as if in some invisible wind.

The spirit of a Tibetan lama had, however entered his body, under unusual circumstances.

Instead of pinpoints of light we saw streaks as if some clumsy artist had daubed a black wall with glowing colors which changed as we looked at them. One of them stepped forward and inclined his head in our direction. We sped on and on into space, and the stars ahead of us changed color, the sun ahead of us turned vusit its golden rays to blood red.

All the time we were rising upwards, and all the time we were in this pleasant warm land. The earth turned slowly beneath us, a huge globe largely covered by the grey-green of the ocean. This description was composed exclusively of paraphrases on the Lobsang Rampa book under review. It turned out that the grid marks were logging roads in northern Canada.

One went to a wall and pressed various buttons. I could not under- stand how they could navigate at such a speed, but the an- swer to that was that it was all done by robotic controls. Astral projectionists everywhere were zooming around to the backside of the moon and frolicking on the satellites of Jupiter.

For centuries past telepathic lamas of high degree had been in communication with these Gods, and had learned much from them.


Lobsang Rampawas one of them. It reminded me so vividly of my kite flying that I almost clutched a non-existent cross-bar. The Tall One had apparently guessed my thoughts, or read them telepathically, for he said: A picture came on the wall again, but this time a different picture. The mighty mountains, some towering higher than the much-vaulted Everest, were becoming flattened by the distance, becoming just pimples on a plain surface.

Emily Rosewater added it Sep 01, He gave his willing consent, being glad to escape from life on this earth in view of my urgent need. As we sank lower and lower we saw fairy cities reaching up into the sky, immense structures, ethereal, almost unbelievable in the delicate tracing of their buildings.

According to Barker, who first published the book in the s, Rampa’s claim that his body had been taken over by a Tibetan Buddhist monk was in no way disproved. Through gaps we could see the outline of continents and islands. It saves one climbing. As it passed over us we were flattened to the earth as if by a very strong wind, as if our weight had surprisingly doubled on the instant. Stars, though, behind us were green and blue, while ahead of us they were red and yellow.

We gazed upon the Earth, and then we seemed to be falling, gently falling. Aziyade added it Jan 24, Some seconds later the buzzing stopped and there was a faint click, then upon the wall appeared pictures—pictures so utterly strange that they were almost beyond our comprehension.

Kerry marked it as to-read Oct 16, Here in the U.

My Visit to Venus Audiobook | T. Lobsang Rampa |

One cannot deny the knowledge, wisdom and true desire for the brotherhood of humankind which his writings impart to all those willing to listen.

We predict that it will be much sought after, and that cenus this original edition is gone it will become a prize collector’s item. I was next, and as I reached the top of the ladder and stepped inside the metal hull I saw my guide bending over what looked to be a sloping table in this large metal room.

After he died, at the age of 84, his work became visi center of a religion that flourishes to this day. We could even see the Great Wall of China as a thin crack across the ground. I cer-tainly did not want to write it but I was desperate to get a job so I could get on with my allotted task. The land masses appeared insignificant, with splotches of green and russet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus

The newspapers would not give him any space and only one television station offered t ointerview him provided he followed a script they wrote! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For some minutes we hovered perhaps half a mile above the city, above the clearing, and then, as if in answer to some signal, we sank slowly, soundlessly, and effortlessly. We looked about, and we could see out as if there were no walls at all, and yet we knew that those walls were as solid as metal, a metal harder than anything we knew.

Soon we shall be at our destination, The Hall of Knowledge, where you will be greeted, where you will be shown the past of your Earth, the present of your Earth, and the future of your Earth, the probable future, my brother, that is, because man makes his own path, but probabilities are very strong things indeed, and unless man changes his mind the probabilities that you will see in The Hall of Knowledge will be facts.

We learned that there was an Associa-tion, a White Brotherhood, composed of incarnate and discar-nate entities. Clifford Ruddy rated it it was amazing Jul 25, A sudden flash of light, and the silver was gone, heading for the blackness of space.

No he had indeed never been to Tibet, in his present body. He was soon communicating with space people and undergoing all kinds of strange experiences. The Broad One touched a control, and it was as if magic fingers had swept aside the cloud, swept aside everything that obscured the view. The sky was a vivid purple with patches of startlingly white clouds which raced off into the hinterland. Brenda Jordan is currently reading it Aug 02,