Kobudo Tonfa. £ £ Click the image to see the full canvas artwork. Selected artwork from the Hooded Arts clothing range are available as striking box. Weapon training class at the Santa Ana dojo during the month of September will be Tonfa. Any questions regarding Kobudo class, please speak with Senpai.

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The weapon should not so light that you lose power and focus, and should not be too heavy that it cannot be maneuvered with speed. After the students learn kihon basicsbunkai applicationsippon kumite sparring and kata forms of tonfathey will be tested for proficiency kobuod this tool and then move on to learn other weapons along with karate empty hand training.

Kobudo Tonfa

Hombu dojo in ChandlerMesaGilbert in kbudo East. Some karate systems include weapons standard in their curriculum, while others may offer weapons training optionally. So what is a tonfa? The tonfa is more readily recognized by its modern development in the form of the police Side-handle batonbut many traditional tonfa techniques differ from side-handle baton techniques.

It is a popular story and common belief that Okinawan farming tools evolved into weapons due to restrictions placed upon the peasants by the Satsuma samurai clan when the island was made a part of Japan, which forbade them from carrying arms.

List of styles History Konudo Hard and soft.

Arizona’s Guide to Tonfa – Martial Arts Weapon of Self-Defense

The surujin consists of a weighted chain or leather cord and can be found in two kinds: Okinawaperiod I suspect there was some influence by Heimin societies, simply because it is often discussed in Okinawan folklore and also these kobudo weapons were tools of trade for the commoner, tonfx a member of the high society of Okinawa Pechin would likely have ignored.


The rochin short spear is cut with the length of the shaft being the same distance as the forearm to the elbow if it is being held in the hand. In offense, one can swing the shaft to strike. Three traditional grips 1 natural honte mochi2 reverse gyakute mochiand 3 special grip tokushu mochi are used.

The nunti bo is similar to a spear, but typically composed of a bo with a manji-shaped sai mounted on the end. Generally, weapons systems are not automatically formalized as karate systems. Shorin-Ryu martial artists learn to use all surfaces of the tonfa for defense and striking.

The weapon is held by side handles tsuka either in a normal or extended position, as well as in a reverse grip.

Okinawan Kobudo – Matsubayashi | Yamanni Ryu. Bo. Sai. Kama. Tonfa.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Weapons of Okinawa. Even so, our students also learn to use just one tonfa. A small group of our students who tested for certification meaning they have reached a level of expertise with this weapon that is considered expert have shown they understand kihon basic strikes, blocks and throwsthey demonstrated all three of our Seiyo Shorin-Ryu tonfa kata, demonstrated bunkai applications from the kataused to tonfa as a self-defense weapon against attackers armed with clubs, poles and knives, and also demonstrated kumite sparring defending with a pair of tonfa against attackers wielding a bo 6-foot pole.

The edge of a traditional rice sickle, such as one would purchase from a Japanese hardware store, continues to the handle without a notch, as this is not needed for its intended use. Hausel poses for Hall of Fame induction photo at the. The sansetsukon is similar to a nunchaku, but has three sections of wood or metal in modern incarnations connected by a cord or chain.

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George Mumford from Boston, trains with tonfa at the. The kobbudo advanced stage of training with tonfa is using it in sparring jiyu kumite against armed opponents with a knife tantobohanbonunchakuetc. However, few law enforcement agencies other than in Japan trained more tona a few hours with tonfaor the side-handle baton, making it less than effective with poorly trained police officers.

This restriction is said to have favored development of secretive agricultural and fishing tools as weapons of self-defense by Okinawan peasants and possibly by the Okinawa samurai caste known as Pechin. There are many variations on the nunchaku, ranging from the three sectional staff san-setsu-konmentioned later in this articleto smaller multi-section nunchaku.

If you are looking for something to do each week that requires only a good nature, come join us at 60 W.

Kobudo Tonfa | Hooded Arts

They can be made of any hard material but are predominantly found in aluminium, iron, steel, or wood. A skilled tonfa practitioner can defend against a variety of attacks as this is a very practical weapon. The techniques of the two arts ronfa closely related in some styles, evidenced by the empty-hand and weapon variants of certain kata: It was perhaps developed from a farming tool called a tenbin: Some of these kobudo weapons include: