Download PDF Kanz al-walad in PDF file format for free at Get this from a library! Kitāb kanz al-walad. [Ibrāhīm ibn al-Ḥusayn al-Ḥāmidī]. Kitāb kanz al-walad / taʼlīf Ibrāhīm ibn alḤusayn al-Ḥāmidī ; ʻaná Main Author : Ḥāmidī, Ibrāhīm ibn al-Ḥusayn. Published: [Beirut]: Dār al-Andalus,

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Abu Hatim argued that both philosophy and science were not products of walav reason but had divine origins. He S also said in another hadith: See Tafsir Qummi, vol.

Kitāb Kanz al-walad – Ibrāhīm Ibn-al-Ḥusain al- Ḥāmidī – Google Books

Copied in AH, or around CE, it served as the basis of the edition which the great French scholar Henry Corbin edited and translated in ; another edition, based on manuscripts from Pakistan and Afghanistan, was edited later by Mustafa Ghalib. Ibn Tawus, Malahim, p. Our fourth volume, which was copied in Jumada al-Awwal AH, or CE, is missing the beginning pages but still contains almost pages, written in an assertive Arabic calligraphy sprinkled with red dots throughout.

The weakening of the foundations of the family, of kinship and friendship; the coldness of human feelings and heartlessness are among the salient characteristics of the end of time. Highlight of the Dean: At that time, corruption and moral laxity will spread remarkably.

At that time, God will dalad permission to him al-Mahdi to rise up and reappear. The title-page bears several seals and stamps of ownership of successive members of the AL-Hamdani family.


تحميل Kitāb Kanz al-walad PDF مجاناً –

It is one of several manuscripts in the AL-Hamdani Collection copied by a woman scribe. Stern, their identities were revealed and they themselves were shown to be closely linked with the early Ismaili movement and, most probably, Ismailis themselves certainly, they were attacked as Ismailis by their critics.

It is written from beginning to end in the Khojki script. The Prophet S said: Moral Corruption It is possible for any kind of deviation and corruption to be tolerated somehow except sexual promiscuity, which is very unpleasant and intolerable for dignified and noble people.

It is beautifully and boldly written in very black ink on glazed paper; the paper is of such high quality that even the bookworms have managed to make holes only at the margins. The Messenger of Allah S said: The volume is richly bound in crimson leather with gold stamped title.

He was summoned to Cairo during the crisis surrounding the emergence of the Druze and defended the Imamate against Druze claims.

Catalog Record: Kitāb kanz al-walad | Hathi Trust Digital Library

He S also said: The best among the people is he who will say: The manuscript has been much read and consulted over the years. That work is now lost; surviving only in summaries and verse compilations like the present manuscript. He S said in another hadith: The AL-Hamdani Collection contains five volumes in manuscript of this monumental work, all by different hands and from different periods.

The present manuscript, one of two in the AL-Hamdani Collection, is beautifully written in a clear ,anz hand and probably dates from the late walax th or early 19 th century. The AL-Hamdani manuscript is one of two in the collection. He S also said elsewhere: The present work exhorts obedience to the law as well as to the Imam and offers specific guidance on a wide range of legal and ethical issues.


Like the other manuscripts in the collection, it bears the stamps, seals and signatures of AL-Hamdani family owners over the generations. He further upheld the universal validity of prophecy, not only within the Islamic tradition but also in the teachings of other faiths, including Zoroastrianism as well as Christianity and Judaism.


Perhaps, it would be due to extreme economic problems, the spread of diseases among children, the lack of facilities, and the propaganda and encouragement oanz have fewer children, or other factors.

The Noble Messenger of Islam S thus described the state of affairs of those days from the emotional perspective: One among the mot Yemeni intellectuals whose influence on revolutionary men success considered as an important factors of the26th September Revolution against Imamh regime, The authors evidently wished the work to read as the words of an Imam addressing a follower.