INTERLANGUAGE. Larry Selinker. Published Online: | DOI: https:// · total citations on Dimensions. Interlanguage theory is generally credited to Larry Selinker, an American professor of applied linguistics, whose article “Interlanguage”. An account of the development of research and thinking in the field of learner language. Draws on wide-ranging research into contrastive analysis, bilingualism.

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It’s Rather like Learning a Language: Views Read Edit View history. Learning and teaching languages: This clearly interacts with social factors, and attitudes toward the interlocutor and topic also play interllanguage roles.

Rediscovering Interlanguage – Larry Selinker – Google Books

Look up interlanguage in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Volume 44 Issue 3 Novpp. Knowledge of features in fossilized second language grammars. Compte rendu — hommage: Selective transfer in the acquisition of English double object constructions by Brazilian learners. Multicompetence and L2 users’ associative links: Introduction to this special issue. SLA for the 21st Century: State of the art: The insignificance of learners’ interlangage.


Larry Selinker

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Writing in L1 and L2: Multilingualism Heritage language Multi-competence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Volume 28 Issue 1 Janpp. Exploring muy and bien in Spain and Mexico.

Communication strategies in a multimodal virtual communication context. Volume 29 Issue 1 Janpp.

Interlanguage – Wikipedia

The stand-alone noun-modifying construction in invocatory discourse. Development of speech perception and speech production abilities laery adult second language learners. Repetitions as vocalized fillers and self-repairs in English and French interlanguages. Whose Model of Competence? The blended words are called “prefabricated patterns” or “chunks”. Individuals learning a second language may not always hear spoken L2 words as separate units.

The Sociocognitive Imperative of L2 Pedagogy. Larry Selinker is professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of Michiganand former director of the university’s English Language Institute.

The interaction of complexity and grammatical processability: Most Downloaded Articles Language learning styles and strategies: A Study of Syntactic Errors. Bildung in globalizing times. Volume 37 Issue 3 Janpp. Each of these languages has its own grammar and selonker. Contrasting responses to French and Spanish english speakers by native and non-native recipients. Christian Students’ Reading Strategies as Interlanguage.


Literacy education for low-educated second language learning adults in multilingual contexts: Interlanguage and its Manifestations in Translation. Variation and the Interlanguage Hypothesis. Intralingual and interlingual factors in language-learning difficulty. An analysis of polyadic English as a lingua franca ELF speech: In contrast, creoles and pidgins are generally the product of groups of people in contact with lqrry language, and therefore may be more stable.

They eventually returned to correct larry when they gained greater understanding of the tense rules in English.

The interlanguage speech intelligibility benefit for native speakers of Mandarin: