The HP A is capable of making highly accurate measurements. In order to .. you should use manual range to get to the lowest range possible for the. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A User Manual. View and Download HP A user manual online. A Multimeter pdf manual download.

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This cable has a 9-pin female connector on each end.

It then subtracts the zero reading from the preceding reading. Error Messages Errors are retrieved in first-in-first-out order.

First step — zero calibration with 4W short. Chapter 3 Features and Functions System-Related Operations System-Related Operations This section gives information on topics such as reading memory, errors, self-test, and front-panel display control.

HP 34401A Manuals

Front-panel Display Formats Page 77 remote interface bit definitions, SCPI HP-IB connector, 5 clearing, command summary, HP-IB selection, 92, status byte compliance information, language restrictions, 92, 94 bit definitions, data types, RS connector, 5, This information is not directly related to making measurements but is an important part of operating the multimeter.

The following discussion shows how to read the minimum, maximum, average, and reading count. Each math operation performs a mathematical operation on each reading or stores data on a series of readings.

To Make Null relative Measurements This is the easiest way to program the multimeter for measurements. Page 32 Chapter 2 Front-Panel Menu Operation A Front-Panel Menu Tutorial Menu Example 1 The following steps show you how to turn on the menu, move up or down between levels, move across the choices on each level, and turn off the menu.


Specify the resolution in the same units as the measurement function, not selects the smallest value accepted, which gives in number of digits. Any or all of these conditions can be reported in the questionable data summary bit through the enable register. Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Simplified Programming Overview If you send two query commands without reading the response from the C a u t i o n first, and then attempt to read the second response, you may receive some data from the first response followed by the complete second response.

HP a, what to worry about when buying used?

File:HP A User – Mindworks

Notice that the HP-IB multimeter powers up in the dc voltage function with autoranging enabled. Refer to the cable and adapter diagrams on the following page to connect the multimeter to most computers or terminals. The first reading displayed is the first reading that was stored FIFO. Rejecting Power-line Noise Voltages Chapter 6 Application Programs Application Programs HP A power supplies. Amnual Commands see page for more information CALibration?

Ac Current Measurement Errors Configuring For Highest Accuracy Measurements All currents mwnual stable and spot on expected values. Select any measurement function. Because of the capacitance between the input LO terminal and earth approximately pF for the HP Athe source will experience different loading depending on how the input is applied. Shift registers on AC circuitry and few other opamps were replaced as well, but that was actually unnecessary.


In order to achieve the greatest accuracy, you must take the necessary steps to eliminate potential measurement errors.

Page of Go. Then, rotate the handle to the desired position. Chapter 3 Features and Functions Calibration Overview To Secure Against Calibration You can secure the multimeter against calibration either from the front panel or remote interface.

Output Data Formats Page 61 Digits Displayed: We have written the exercises in this chapter to prepare the janual for use and help you get familiar with some of its front-panel operations. We recommend that you spend a few minutes with this tutorial to get comfortable with the structure and operation of the menu.

HP 34401A User Manual

Set the HP-IB bus address see chapter 4. Each error FIFO string may contain up to 80 characters. Common Mode Rejection cmr To Measure Voltage Page 16 Remove the line-voltage selector from fuse-holder assembly from the rear panel. Math Operation Commands Chapter 5 Error Messages Interpreting Multimeter Specifications No function impact anyway.