Results 1 – 50 gg. RSS: Involved Subbers gg. expand all. +. Ep · Title · Subber · File Size. Quality. Video · Audio. All too frequently, I’ll see a fansub with: * One Join us on Discord! -anime . Even when the video is H with soft subs, why wouldn’t it make . That’s how they’re handled with the His and Her Circumstances DVDs, and also some Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror and Mononoke subs I. First episode by gg-fansubs: %5BC52A64B9%5D. torrent Worth to notice that the first episode was aired Friday.

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Even important memories change with time. At least anime movies are usually good and have a better pacing and climax than series.

I love this series but agree with your arguments. Anonymous It’s not the new year for a few more hours for me though. Animosh Overall this season wasn’t as good as the first one, but maybe in the long run this season will be seen as some kind of transition season that mainly served to introduce some new major characters. Star Crossed Anime Blog. Wednesday, August 25, at Ghost Guild like details or facts about the Daemons, Characters, Places and others to know more about them.

Thunderbolt 2 carries many trademarks fansubd […]. Bake Neko definatly has earned itself a spot on my list of most memorable stories. But it only changed the parent, not all the posts!

I really liked these past 2 episodes Angolmois a reference to a Nostradamus prophesy which is rather irrelevant for the show, as he lived several ayskashi after the events focuses on the first Mongol Invasion of Japan in I remember earlier in the year gushing over devilman.

Wednesday, January 19, at A quick and dirty review of Angolmois: Anonymous Then season 4 or the 2nd cour would be about Sugimoto and Pals’ bogus journey to find Asirpa, picking up where season 2’s finale left off.


With any other fansub group, nobody would have cared, much less posted about it. We just don’t know enough about her to really feel for her. Sunday, July 18, at They likely knew that FLCL was popular back in the early s, and it was pretty good ayakasshi, but didn’t understand why it was popular without context.

It helps that we were in […].

mihimaru GT -…

And yes, unicorns are nice. It’s a lose-lose situation really: Happy sugar life 5. Anonymous All I’m saying is that Ash was literally stabbed and shot and under anesthesia in literally the same episode and turned out okay Looking forward to that one upcoming series of the director of Dennou Coil. Amagi I do think I will completely rewatch it these day though, talking with others about it made me realize that I forgot or missed a few little hints.

Everyone has an opinion about gg. Being made in the West by Americans, and English being its first language, many would disqualify it from the start. Animosh That’s some pretty cool set-up for a third season, raising the stakes once again.

A story about a fansub group < WALLS OF TL;DR

The pacing, content and conclusion is just so much better as in the series. Friday, July 16, at Kaiser-Eoghan At first I didn’t even notice it was a message.

As Amagi said in her reply, I wish the human drama would have been highlighted more. Ah, the movie tie in. I was in the mood for a slice of life comedy and watched Hakumei to mochi, didn’t charm me or make me laugh as much a konohana kitan or yuru yuri but I found it charming and cute at points and kind of amusing from time to time.

But I felt it didn’t even have the moments that Evergarden had which was also another show in that got by with its visuals. Some days, I wonder what it is with America and anime about organized crime. It has a clear start and finish, it has clear themes and characters, but it has no real plot whatsoever. Kaiser-Eoghan My top ten shows of are as follows: Amagi Hell I even enjoyed the Chuunibyou movie and the last installments of that series bored me.


SuperMario Well, happy new year guys!! We thought that would be Foxx, but he actually ended up appearing. Today, I get to add another to that list in the form of Banana Fish. Kaiser-Eoghan I suppose it continued in making yut-totally nuts-lung sympathetic while being hateable succesfully. Proto-gg was sorta different because we were all younger and dumber then, but the Return of the Trolls incarnation had an internal tone and jargon that made 4chan look like a British upper class tea party some people, like pem, would eventually turn out to be unable to deal with this and ended quitting.

Anonymous Namely that the show skipped over so much, including the other prisoner stories and arcs in order to get to Abashiri, that this could give them an excuse to cover them, given that they don’t have enough material moving forward for a season 3.

The entire flashback is pretty great. Starting off, let me say, I was surprised with the ending. I think part of the reason I was going to rewatch the original was due to trying to understand it more, given that I also recently read a manga adaptation of one of the novels.