(Stefica Cvek in the Jaws of Life; ) of the Croat Dubravka Ugresic, or Lumea in doua zile (The World in Two Days; ) of the Romanian George Balaita. George Balaita’s Lumea in doua zile ( 5; A World in Two Days) mixes fantastic-metaphysical insertions among realistic narratives on political themes. dams ophthal test · George Balaita – Lumea in Doua Zile (Polirom – Fiction Ltd) · Tesla lawsuit · Relacion de Niños de La Seccion ·

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George Bălăiță – Wikipedia

But who will remember old man Iacubovici the trousers maker? His books, which have been published in numerous editions and translated into a number of languages, include Calatoria The Voyage,Conversind despre Ionescu Conversing about Ionescu,Intimplari din Noaptea Luea de Lapte Although time scatters or gathers? But while I was wasting away on my sickbed, while I was dying and could hear the weeping and the plaints of those around me, I said to myself was I praying?

And then I shall be free and healthy. When he returned to the city, all the people crowded around him and asked: What do you want to know? I found out, said the hermit, that life is a well.


George Bălăiță

In a provincial town, Antipa, a commuting functionary, is amusing himself with some friends. How could it be a well? Oho, your honour, you do have a way of putting things. Inhe moved to Bucharest, where he held the position of secretary to the Writers Union. Certainly, the old man will say. Novel, “George Balaita” series, Polirom,pages Copyright: The one man knows for certain, the other man gropes in the dark, I understand.

They keep their word. The author gets caught up in the mechanisms of madness, random occurrence, and the fantastical. He egorge be looking for old man August the hatter.

Contemporary Romanian Writers – George Balaita

I have indeed come to ask you something, Judge Viziru will veorge. Between andhe was director of the Cartea Romaneasca publishing house. Our old water heater has conked out.

Then he will wait for the other man to speak: O Lord, help me to find out. There he will be, even if instead of coats on hangers there were a cobbler or a tailor and his gsorge or a watchmaker sharing a table with a man who repairs fountain pens and sunglasses.

Sometimes he wears a loosely knotted scarf around his neck, the ends tucked heorge his waistcoat. Fromhe worked as an editor and later assistant editor-in-chief for Ateneu magazine, published in Bacau. Unless his frail body rests on the feet of a much larger person, perhaps those of the person who would have matched his huge, wily, gentle head. A broad-brimmed hat would be completely out of the question.


Will he be any older? He will appear satisfied with the results of his investigations. I have to know.

Are we dealing with a seer or a charlatan? Yes, the old man will shout, and the tape recorder spool will conserve in its memory that meaningless word, takecareoldmanaugustfastenthepadlockafteryouchecktheyalelock.

Judge Viziru will remain in Albala a long time. Seven years hence, Judge Viziru will arrive in Albala. I was ill for a long time and, just when nobody was expecting that I would ever get up from my sickbed, I set off on my travels. Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. I am not yet cured.