Our guest this week is Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser, author of the seminal book NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism. Buy NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe (Contemporary Security Studies) 1 by Ganser Daniele (ISBN: ). For the first time in this book, Daniele Ganser has brought together the full story of the networks the Italians came to call ‘Gladio’. This is a significant and.

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Daniele Ganser January Terrorism, the massacres and the political- historical contest.

Daniele Ganser

While it is known the countries in the Soviet Bloc enjoyed at best a limited degree of sovereignty–in fact, this was stated quite openly by Brezhnev and other Soviet leaders, the countries in Western Europe, where freedom was said to reign in contrast to the Soviet bloc, also enjoyed only a very limited sovereignty due to these secret, US-controlled organizations.

In Belgium they had a gang with machine guns who went around killing people in supermarkets. The example of the Russian revolution was not to be repeated anywhere ever. On August 4, another bomb exploded on the Rome-to-Munich train Ttalicus Express’, killing 12 and injuring and maiming I do not know whether such a committee or committees may have once existed at NATO, but neither exists at present. Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe. The ‘foreign’ headdress caused much concern for many senior US Army officers.

Ina report by Swiss magistrate Pierre Cornu was released by lgadio Swiss defence ministry. This time the American Gestapo’ was not exposed by the press. This was denied by the US State Departmentwho responded that “the Greek terrorist organization ‘ 17 November ” was responsible for both assassinations”, and that Grivas’s central piece of evidence had been the Westmoreland Field Manual which the state department, as well as an independent congressional inquiry have alleged to be a Soviet forgery.

While Western Europe was in ruins the economy of the United States was going strong. Furthermore the gasner you refer to as “Gladio” has never been part of the NATO military structure.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A few months after the exhibition had opened, former Royal Marine officers Giles and Preston, the only MI6 agents to be named in the Gladio exhibition next to a photo ‘in Austrian Alps ‘, confirmed to author Michael Smith that throughout the late s and early s the British and Americans had set up stay-behind units in Western Europe in preparation for an expected Soviet invasion. Later he admitted that indeed a secret network had also been erected in Belgium after the Second World War ‘to collect information in case of a Soviet invasion’.

Inwhen secret “stay-behind” armies were uncovered all around Europe, the Austrian government said that no secret army had existed in the country. Evang, a science graduate from Oslo, had joined the small intelligence service of the Norwegian government in exile in London in BoD — Books on Demand. Hidden Systems that deliver Unforgettable Ganer Service. Ganser argues that all ganssr versions — the “surprise” theory the commonly accepted version that he calls “the official version” as well as the versions that the administration let the attack go ahead or even planned it — are all actually conspiracy theories.


Kennedy’s assassination followed a period of leftist political success in Italy and a secret, right-wing, Gpadio subversion campaign. This is not the place to pull apart analyses of the military balance, to dissect issues of quantitative versus qualitative, or rigid versus flexible tactics.

Nov 18, Matteo rated it really liked it Shelves: Grossouvre would have asked Constantin Melnik, leader of the French secret services during the Algerian War of Independence —62to return to activity. Thus, in one set of these gladiio the governments themselves would build their own stay-behind nets, counting on activating them from exile to carry on the struggle. During the war he had been exiled again only to be dropped shortly before the end of the war into Norway to blow gladdio transportation lines there.

Many of the operatives of these terrorist forces employed by the US and Great Britain were explicitly fascist. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the State cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened. The clandestine network, which after the revelations of the Italian Prime Minister was researched by judges, parliamentarians, academics and investigative journalists across Europe, is now understood to have been code-named ‘Gladio’ the sword in Italy, while in other countries the network operated under gabser names including Absalon’ in Denmark, glacio in Norway and ‘SDRA8’ in Belgium.

These nets had to be co-ordinated with NATO’s plans, their radios had gladoi be hooked to a future exile location, and the specialised equipment had to be secured from CIA and secretly cached in snowy hideouts for later use. The inquiry has led to the disclosure of similar secret forces across Europe.

Operation Gladio – Wikipedia

Cossiga stepped down from the Presidency in April three months before his term expired. I’ll send the law extending its mandate back to Parliament and, should they re-approve it, I will have to examine the text anew ganxer see if the conditions exist for the extreme recourse to an absolute [Presidential] refusal to promulgate.

And most important of all, it’s the truth.

In Austria, the first secret stay-behind army was exposed in By these lies, we wanted to make the world believe that the Muslims wanted to spread terrorism around, that this war was necessary to fight terror. This angered Miceli greatly. Following Giulio Andreotti’s revelations inthe Greek defence minister confirmed that a branch of the network, known as Ganswr Sheepskin, operated in his country until Mining evidence from parliamentary inquiries, investigative accounts, documentary sources, trials, and individuals he has interviewed, Ganser tracks the revelation of Gladio in many countries and fills in the record of what these networks actually did.


It must be stated here at the outset of the book that all quotes other than from English originals are translations by the author, who alone bears responsibility for their accuracy.

NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe

The United State Government’s original decision sprobably taken during the period, to sponsor, support, or collaborate with, any covert armies, networks, or other units, established to resist a possible invasion of Western Europe by Communist-dominated countries, or to conduct guerrilla activities in Western European countries should they become dominated by Communist, leftist, or Soviet-sponsored parties or regimes.

According to the FOIA law all branches of the gladdio must be accountable to public questions gnser the legality of their actions.

Upon victory the SAS also was disbanded at the end of the war in October When the Gladio secret armies were discovered across Western Europe inan unnamed former NATO intelligence official explained that ‘Though the Stay Behind operation was officially started only inthe whole exercise had been in existence for a long time, in fact ever since it was born in the head of Allen Dulles.

The international dimension of the secret war could no longer be denied and the military scandal swept across Western Europe. Upon learning of the discovery, the parliament of the European Union EU drafted a resolution sharply criticizing the fact. Andreotti assured the Senators that he would present a written report to the parliamentary commission on the secret security structure within 60 days: Olav Riste of the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studieswriting for the journal Intelligence and National Securitymentions several instances where his own research on the stay-behind network in Norway was twisted by Ganser and concludes that “A detailed refutation of the many unfounded allegations that Ganser accepts as historical findings would fill an entire book”.

Hence ‘In order to reach a rigorous clarification access to the relevant documents, especially in the United States, would he desirable. Allegedly Andreotti’s favourite gangster movie was ‘Good fellows’ for Robert De Niro’s line ‘never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut’.

Also Jesus Christ was crucified before his resurrection.