Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans who claim extraterrestrial ( E.T.) identity, a he made some astounding discoveries. Focusing on personal. Sep 1, Here to help humankind, they could be your doctor, teacher. or clergyman–but they are not human. Dr. Mandelker offers a forum to 25 E.T.s. Dr. Scott Mandelker has an MA in Counseling, Ph.D. in East-West His first book , From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, has sold thousands of copies, and was.

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Transcribed by David Wilcock — http: An outstanding program on tap. Scott Enyart is on tonight ffrom the second half of the program to discuss the legal case which has many people talking. That coming up in an hour and a half.

First up, we are going to talk to Scott Mandelker, whose new book Universal Vision is eleswhere raves already. We are going mandepker talk to Scott about Walk-Ins and Wanderers, sscott many other cosmic things, so stay tuned for that as we get going in just a few moments. It has probably been three or four years. That, again, was published in His newest, Universal Vision, is just out: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan. Welcome back, Scott, hello. There are a number of endorsements on the back of the book, Dr.

He has been a good friend of mine also, actually, even before publication of my first book. But, do you have a specific question, because I can give the listeners some kind of an introduction to me and the two books that I have written.

Scott, you are so eloquent and articulate that I would be happy if you did. I will just sit back and listen with all of our listeners, so go ahead.

Into the Matrix

I interviewed 25 mandelkeer who all came to the conclusion that they are ET souls. Now that title or term, ET souls, means a soul, just like everybody else and every other entity in the universe. But in this case, it is a person whose essence, whose origin is of another dimension, another civilization, usually another solar system, sometimes another galaxy.

That they are old souls — this is actually the technical definition of what an old soul is. An old soul is somebody who has been reincarnating longer than those who are younger.

And the idea is that some people on this earth, and in fact I have met thousands of them, and honestly most of the people in the New Age phenomenon, whether they understand this whole thing or not, I would consider to be ET souls. In the main, they would be called Wanderers, which means people who were born in the ordinary way but they agreed at some point to join the reincarnation cycle of Planet Earth in the third dimension.

And I guess your implication would be that many of them in the so-called New Age movement, being of ET soul origin, are drawn to the New Age by virtue of their old and very, I guess, well, how many generations could it be? Their perspective is different.

They have come to help shepherd, to help facilitate, to help support the growth of consciousness rlsewhere Planet Earth into what is called the New Age, which is a very real transformation of matter and energy and consciousness on Planet Earth. Then we get into the obstacles or obscurations of human society. Yeah, if you wanna: If you want to jump deep into this, the issue is: Eleewhere when confronted with same, most ignore it and head on their merry way anyhow.

And honestly, for myself, I work now with an increasingly large number of people around the world. I have actually a website in Japanese, because my first book was translated in Japanese.

From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America

Yeah, and it is eminently more difficult because of the very thing that you alluded to a few eelsewhere ago. I have spent many, many years on this program talking about bringing information of a truthful and viable nature to people who, in many cases our listeners are very bright, discerning people. They will push it away as soon as it is proffered to them. I mean, how many channels or prophets or speakers or teachers have made predictions that have fallen flat, and they come back three weeks later and everybody is gaga this thing once again!


And there ought to be a national registry for prophets, seers and psychics who make predictions, on the Net, to keep score of what they have done, what they have said.

I can come up with probably a two to three percent accuracy rate in elseewhere cases, which is sheer happenstance.

Yeah, now we could get into this kind of dialogue or this angle also for a long time, and sort of be critical of the lack of discernment of most of our compadres or the people who are both leaders and followers in the spiritual field. What I would like to move us towards, or at least present, is what the message of my second book is. All this is discussed to one degree or another in the book, it is a marvelous book, Universal Vision.

So go ahead, Scott, and lay it out and we will step in and develop some things later on. What I am trying to offer there, and in my own seminars and counseling around the world, is basically the principles of our spiritual growth. Now, part of that means an understanding of what the heck is 3D life all about?

What is the plan for souls in third dimension. How does that relate to our origin as sparks of light of the Creator, how does it relate to our relationship to Higher Self or past-life karma. What can we do to address the present issues of our lives so that we make the most of our life experience in this dimension, while we are here — using life catalyst for our own development.

And then the question is, well, development of what? Simply put, it is the development of balanced love and wisdom. Development of compassion, acceptance, caring and kindness, balanced with development of wisdom, discernment, clear understanding, comprehension, being not fooled by phonies, not being fooled by yourself! Moving beyond judgment, moving beyond blame and criticism into forgiveness and acceptance, but with a clear mind. How can I take responsibility for the parents who were not loving?

Then we get into some really heavy stuff. I thought we were talking about Walk-Ins and Wanderers.

FROM ELSEWHERE: Author – Scott Mandelker

But people who are ET souls. What is the relationship between that and the UFO phenomenon?

Well then, what is the relationship between those things and all of this stuff that I am talking about — healing, balance, love, wisdom. Basically, to help us develop spiritually — not to pass on technology, not to terrify us, not to embroil us in speculation. Basically, to help us develop love and wisdom — individually frim primarily, collectively. The basis of the total global UFO phenomenon, since time immemorial, has been the eleswhere of love on Planet Earth.

Let us pause on that note, Scott, and come right back after manelker first break and pursue this. I think you can tell that Dr. Scott Mandelker is an unusual mind, and he has created a very unusual book called Universal Vision: He has an MA in counseling, a Ph.

He is a unique one, and we will be right back to carry on with Scott Mandelker in just a moment. Scott Mandelker, and his book Universal Vision.

From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America by Scott Mandelker

Kenneth Ring, by the way, who was on this program not too long ago, had this to say about the book:. In Universal Vision, Scott Mandelker establishes himself as one of the leading voices of the new millennium, presenting a vision of the New Earth that is now coming into being. This book is for all those who are devoted to the welfare of the planet, interested in soul growth and human evolution, and who want to help in the realization of the next step of de planetary and galactic unfolding.


Okay, Scott, right back with you. I guess, as we took our break, first of all I want to say thank you, Jeff. I am picking up their vibes. We have been through some pretty lousy interviews in the past. And so, this book, Universal Cr, has two major sections, each divided into two. Again, it is the development of fromm through sequential incarnations, guided by a Higher Dg, with specific lessons and challenges and difficulties planned for each incarnation.

Scott, I can hear a lot of people are wanting me to ask this question. With respect to ET involvement and encounters, and the abduction phenomenon, which group or groups are you alluding to that would come here to help raise our consciousness? Taking people against their will, violating them, et cetera, as you well know, is not viewed in a benign light by most people.

There are two paths offered by the Creator to all souls for their free experience. This is again, not coming from me particularly, this is coming from six thousand cr of Indian and Buddhist teaching, Hindu before the Buddhist, as well as all mystic traditions, as well as many channels and mamdelker today.

There is a right-hand path and a left-hand path. As below, so above. There are positive ETs and there are negative ETs. There are souls in higher dimensions who have chosen the path of evil. It is a judgment term, but it basically is called service to self. My understand is that zcott percent of the spiritual community follows the path of love, kindness, unity — the path of service to others, which means wholeness, love, unity. Ten percent of the universe does, in certain dimensions, does follow a path of service to self.

But to the extent that there is negativity, or harm, violation, trauma, pain, warfare — anything that is destructive and separative, anything that hurts, that is coming out of the ten percent of the community, cosmically, that has freely chosen a path without love.

And they have freely chosen to come here to exploit and to extract from humanity things that we are not necessarily willing to give. And the problem, you see, is there are three groups, three major ways of living life on 3D planet Earth for the humans.

One is path of love, one elsewuere path of separation, control, domination, and the other one is no path at all, no choice, no understanding of what life is about. Ffom pickings for the visitors. All right, hold on and we will take our bottom mandleker the hour break.

A fascinating conversation with Dr. I am glad you are here, and we will be right back. Well, that is the nature of the negative path. It is basically to increase self elsewhdre, material type power, without love at any cost; to infringe on free will as much as possible.

Let me nudge you a little bit further out in left field for just a froj. This ten percent that has taken such an apparent active interest in this planet of many people who are aimlessly wandering, shall we say.