Firstborn: A Original – Kindle edition by Brandon Sanderson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Firstborn is a non-cosmere short story written by Brandon Sanderson published by Tor on their website. Summary[edit]. Dennison Crestmar. Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson – book cover, description, publication history.

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Because of that, the ending seems a little amateurish and facile.

Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson

Or, he must be stopped, obviously. But instead of fulfilling that hope, his father announces Dennison’s reassignment as an adjutant and Squadron-commander to High Admiral Kern aboard the Stormwind – one of the most prestigious flagships in the entire Imperial Fleet. Dennison Crestmar has lived his entire life in the shadow of his much-older brother, Varion.

While Sanderson’s greatest talent lies in longer, epic works, his characterization is always stunning. In doing so, Kern asks Dennison to finish the battle of Seapress simulation himself; Dennison fails terribly, losing his command carrier in the retreat.

Good writing especially considering it came quite early in Sandersons career before he perfected his short form. I enjoyed the space battles, the world that was developed, and the overall flow of the story. Considering this tactic to be odd, Dennison communicates his concern to Admiral Kern.


A decent mini space opera with a good premise. Would I recommend it? After the battle, Dennison travels to meet his father for a dinner reservation that he promptly misses. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! This was a fantastic short story. Views Read Edit History. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. This follows Dennison Crestmar, younger brother of the great Varion Crestmar who had singlehandedly defeated rebellious fleets in the Reunification War at such a young age.

My biggest beef is that Dennison and Varion are drawn too much in shades of black and white: Part of me wishes, however, that this story had been written and released as a full-length novel as opposed to the novella form. I love a great flawed character. What I really want to know however, is why Sanderson hasn’t written more sci-fi??

Amazon UK Kindle Share this: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Book Three of The Demon Cycle.

But that’s all right, science fiction about space fighters and “beamships” and so on is still cool. Upon arriving at the Stormwind, Dennison is escorted to a simulation room where High Admiral Kern is observing the what Dennison instantly recognizes as the battle of Seapress ; his brother’s first victory fresh out of the academy that begun the Reunification War.

I was surprised in a good way. While safe aboard his flagship, there were two ways for Dennison to watch the battle. Tor once again proves to be masterful at putting out science fiction shorts. Lists with This Book.


What the Storm Means: Which is completely firstbonr because Brandon.

As Life Like As.

Brandon Sanderson’s Fantasy Firsts. Two brothers were This was my first acquaintance with Brandon Sanderson’s writing, even though the Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set sandersn been waiting for a few years now to be read. After a week spent travelling he finally understands how Varion has progressed in his campaign; attacking core Empire worlds.

Looking for the Book Blogs search engine? I think Dennison’s story could have been a full novel, but this story was a lot of fun. The Wheel of Osheim. Firstborn is of course one of Sanderson’s early writings.

Aug 22, Akwa Timba rated it really liked it. Okay, it’s a short story, but it felt like he wanted it to be a full-length novel or maybe a ten-volume series of doorstoppers — damn you, Sanderson, for making The Way of Kings so goodand had to compress it into sandderson short story.

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