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Published online Apr 6.

Effects of auricular electrical stimulation on vagal actvity in healthy men: The mean age of the participants was The group with semi-permanent needles presented a Cohen’s d index of 1.

In this regard, the first test of the APPA protocol in Nepal obtained positive results after the earthquake that devastated the country in Similarly, in a study conducted in a university hospital, there was a greater reduction of stress by auriculotherapy with needles compared to that with seeds, using the Shenmen, Kidney and Brainstem points. In this sense, starting from a more Eastern assumption, the NADA The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association protocol has been developed to reduce stress and alleviate trauma in communities suffering from disasters or conflicts.

In addition to the current economic and political developments, the process of rapid expansion and urbanization is an aggravating factor for the welfare of the residents, contributing to increased social insecurity, creating urban environmental problems and irregular settlements and prejudicing the quality of life 5. State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults.

Mental Health consequences of disasters. Having participated as a specialist in auricular acupuncture for the creation of the protocol with 30 other experts from other countries, in the period from June to Julythe idea emerged of holding the first protocol trial in a hospital in Brazil, with a Nursing team. A total of 22 people missed at least two sequential sessions in a week due to sector rotation or sequential days off; 15 did not attend the second evaluation or did not turn up to respond to the questionnaires control ; five went on medical leave during the study period, three took holidays, one person stopped working for the hospital and one gave up due to feeling pain at the zero point, which is a point located in the center of the ear between the two shells, about the root of the helix.


Even with lower results, there is an advantage in the use of seeds as they produce less discomfort 13 and can be applied by people only trained for the protocols. Control – G1 without intervention Auriculotherapy with seeds – G2, Auriculotherapy with semi-permanent needles – G3, and Auriculotherapy with adhesive tape – G4 placebo.


While it was recognized that the scope of auricular technique can be greater when performed in an individualized way that does not follow a protocol and by professionals with xesafio and practical knowledge of diagnoses 9the possibility of using a protocol assists in the dissemination and popularization of the art, with the aim of benefiting more people.

A total of nursing staff employees were initially contacted and people who presented high or moderate levels of anxiety, according to the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory over 33 pointswere invited to participate.

Mental Disorders in Megacities: All this generates increased rates of absenteeism 7. Table 1 Means and standard deviation of STAI-state levels, pain visual analogue scale, physical SF12 F and mental SF12 M domains of the quality of life scale, in the four groups and at the three moments.

Mental and physical health are two closely intertwined and interdependent elements of life and the APPA seeks to influence both aspects.

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Auriculotherapy to reduce anxiety and pain in nursing professionals: a randomized clinical trial

Other factors potentiate damage to their physical and mental integrity, causing pain and anxiety, such as: There was no reported discomfort in relation sesafio the other points. Participants in the Control and Adhesive Tape groups were offered the opportunity to receive auriculotherapy after completion of the study.


Auriculotherapy has also been studied as a less invasive method of vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of patients resistant to therapy, with disorders such as depression and epilepsy. Brazil is experiencing a chaotic historical moment regarding political, economic, ethical and social aspects, with a tragic legacy of a driving motion of the economy aurichloterapia has acquired an astonishing rhythm of unbalance and overload over the past four years.

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The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the auricular protocol auriculoterapiw pain and anxiety APPA and improving the quality of life of nursing staff of a hospital. Other points could possibly be added or changed in the APPA protocol, in order to intensify its effect in relation to pain.

Auriculoterzpia is suggested that other studies consider these aspects. Thus, the painful impulse reaches the limbic system, carrying the experience as something unpleasant and emotional, resulting in the interpretation of pain There is a significant correlation between pain and symptoms of anxiety and depression, especially chronic pain Open in auriculoterapis separate window. All participants completed a biosociodemographic questionnaire and the instruments: The treatment consisted of ten twice weekly sessions for five weeks, which were performed in the sector where the professional worked, during the work time, with duration of 5 to 10 minutes.