Our detailed Instruction Booklet explains how Parkerizing works and takes you through the process step-by-step with plenty of helpful trouble shooting info. I’m going to use directions specific to the phosphate solution I’m used to .. I’ve done this using the manganese solution off of brownells, it pit a. Parkerizing – Products. Parkerizing Instructions · PARKERIZING SUPPLIES ONLY · BROWNELLS. Unfortunately, this product cannot be ordered. Parkerizing.

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Oh, I use it all the time. Do you parkerize the rails? Okay, so I lied. Cool cool, figured as much. If you’re too lazy to read, I’ll give you the tl;dr here. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Don’t know why, it just seemed Fill the basin up to working level whatever number you used to calculate the correct amount of phosphate solution to add. It seems like Wilson Combat will do it for not much more than the random, horribly designed webfront, stores that I’ve never heard of. instruvtions

Wear splash goggles and gloves and you’ll be fine. No one is forcing you to do it yourself. Rinse well, then spray with the oil that browneells with the kit.

Oil stays in the finish pretty well which is the whole point reallyprotects the part, and lubes it forever. Use plugs that are chemical resistant and aren’t going to fall out at the slightest touch. Outside, it’s not any huge danger. I said “Wilson Tactical” and you said “WC will do it too” so I thought you were sarcastically telling me that I got their name wrong.



It is definitely my preferred way to finish gun parts. I didn’t feel it necessary to go that in isntructions also I’m lazy and didn’t want to so I’m leaving this part off unless there’s demand for it. If you did happen to screw up, you can start over. Common errors include not degreasing well enough, not media blasting well enough, and being dumb. Obvious troll account will be shown the door. The problem is sometimes I start eyeing my other pieces with perfectly fine finishes and want to blast and park those too.

I would go with distilled water if you can’t go with deionized water. Plugging the cylinders is probably unnecessary. Add Water to Fill Do it.

Ten Easy Steps to Parkerizing Your Gun Parts at Home : guns

You want to neutralize the phosphate solution and it does that as well as anything. Rinse thoroughly after the park solution, don’t oil, dry and spray. Virginia – Nov The preparation steps are going to be pretty similar across the board, the proportion of chemicals may just differ. Rinse I don’t mean spritz it with a water bottle and call it good, I mean rinse the fuck out of it.


Wipe off any excess oil, clean up your shit, and dispose of all chemicals according to federal, state, and local law. Read the directions for whatever shit you bought.

When you’re adding solution, pour slowly and don’t splash it all over yourself. It wears in nicely. It’s still hard to beat for something cheap when hosing out the action of a shotgun that has gone over the side of a duck blind. This drying step is less crucial, because you’re about to dip it in a phosphate bath.

No politics except in the Bi-weekly politics threads No posting personal information doxxing. All posts must be gun related. Remove the iron you put in earlier, and raise the temperature of the bath to between and F. Yes there’s several ways to fuck up, but there’s only a “good chance” if you’re a moron.

Submit a new text post. They’re just solid slug anodes like the ones used by boatbuilders Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.