The assessment of language learners is having a growing impact in English language teaching and applied linguistics. A formal evaluation of students writing . “Writing is a key skill in second language learning and all teachers need to evaluate their students’ writing abilities. The issues surrounding the assessment of. Sara Cushing Weigle – Assessing – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Similarly, scoring criteria that focus on discrete aspects of language – use of vocabulary, organi- zation, and so on – would tend to make a test fall at the weaker end of the continuum as opposed to criteria that focus on successful completion of the task.

That is, how are we defining writing ability for the purposes of the test – are we interested primarily in whether test takers can form grammatical sentences, or do we want to know how well they can use writing for a specific communicative function?

Wherever the acquisition of a specific language skill is seen as important, it becomes equally important to test that skill, and writing is no exception. As VahapassiLeki and others have pointed out, first language writing is inextric- ably linked to formal education.

Assessing Writing

This is a useful distinc- tion because we are frequently interested in people’s ability to use The nature of writing ability 19 language both for real-time interaction and for creating coherent texts without the aid of a conversation partner. In testing writing, construct validity must be demonstrated in at least three ways: Ships from and sold by Amazon.

However, because of the constraints of limited second-language knowledge, writing in a second language may be hampered because of the need to focus on language rather than content.

Knowledge of recognizing main topics E. The publishers and I are grateful to the authors, publishers and others who have given permission for the use of copyright material identified in the text. First, writers may not be weiggle to detect global problems because of poor reading skills.

Strategic competence is defined by Bachman and Palmer as ‘a set of metacognitive components, or strategies, which can be thought of as higher order executive processes that provide a cognitive manage- ment function in language use, as well as in assrssing cognitive activities’ Two semesters of students in my Issues in Second Language Writing class have read and commented on drafts cushingg several chapters of the book, and their comments have been quite insightful.


Assessing Speaking Cambridge Language Assessment. For example, Arabic prose is frequently said to use more coordination and parallelism, unlike the subordination and hierarch- ical organization preferred by writers of English Ostler, ; Yorkey, ; Kaplan, ; all cited in Leki, Cusing the native wrriting of Italian learning English, on the other hand, it is much more likely that knowing how to write in English will be practically useful in a real-life situation.

English has also been called a ‘writer- responsible’ language Hinds,meaning that the writer makes explicit the connections between propositions and ideas in the text so that readers do not need to infer these connections on their own. The solutions to the rhetorical and content problems become the input for the knowledge -telling process, during which the actual written text assessinv produced. Thus, when we speak of strategic competence in writing, we mean not just general problem- solving abilities, but the abilities described in the models of writing presented in Chapter 2: While a variety of kinds of evidence can be used to demonstrate sriting validity, writng the most common are the five discussed by Chapelle Writing is one of the central skills a student must master.

Assessing Writing by Sara Cushing Weigle

English writing was described as a straight line, while ‘Oriental’ discourse was symbolized by an inward-pointing spiral, for example. Presumably, this may have the salutary effect of better preparing potential international students to study at North American universi- ties, where writing is seen sars essential to academic success.

Finally, experimental evidence of con- struct validity can be gathered by generating and testing hypotheses about how various characteristics of the test taker or the testing situ- ation might be related to test performance. On the other hand, if a student chose this task for a music history course, the instructor would most likely be interested in knowing about the students’ ability to write about music, and thus would include this knowledge as part of his or her construct definition.


For example, settings include such places as class- rooms, libraries, computer centers, etc.

Why should they be tested? How can we ensure that raters apply the scoring standards aszessing Set up a giveaway. This book outlines in an accessible manner the major tenets of research in the field and provide language teachers with guidelines to design and develop suitable writing assessment tasks for their students.

Assessing Writing – Sara Cushing Weigle – Google Books

Graduate students in science and engineering, for example, may wish to return to their countries after completing their studies and may not see the need to adapt to the second-language environment beyond what is necessary for their education. In writing, then, more time and energy can be spent on cognitive activities such as planning and information wigle, as there is less communicative pressure to con- tinuously produce utterances Grabowski, Low-stakes decisions, on the other hand, have a relatively minor impact on individuals and programs, and errors in these deci- sions tend to have less drastic consequences.

The next sec- tions of this chapter discuss these aspects of writing in more detail.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. All other differences between spoken and written texts either arise from these two fundamental differences, or can be ascribed to the fact cushinb writing and speaking are for the most part used in different contexts and for different purposes.

For example, in a test of business writing, if our test tasks comprise only letters and memoranda we would be on very shaky ground if we wanted to generalize our test results to other genres of business writing, such as reports and execu- tive summaries.

Gayratjon rated it it was amazing Nov 12, In think-aloud protocols, writers say aloud their thoughts as they write, allowing the researcher to gain insight into the mental activity wroting decision-making processes of the writer as he or she carries out a writing task see Ericsson and Simon,for a thorough account of this methodological approach.