Áreas y Volúmenes de Cuerpos Geométricos. Uploaded by Yuri Sanchez. Fórmulas de figuras geométricas concentradas e ilustradas. Save. Áreas y. Guía de área y volumen de cuerpos geométricos. Nombre:: Calcula el área total de un cono de altura 24 cm y radio 7 cm. R: A. T. = ,36 cm 2. Title: ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE SOLIDOS, Author: Jose Ignacio Marquez, Y DE CÁLCULO DE ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE CUERPOS GEOMETRICOS.

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Slope, Distance, and Midpoint Very simple program for finding the slope distance and midpoint of lines that I put together in math class. Works for both degrees and radians. Each functions can be individually manipulated to be deleted, reproduced, etc. This is beta, Hey! The result is displayed in function or parametric graph mode and it can be saved for a future utilization.

Regular Polygon Formulas Obtain several useful formulas relating to regular polygons, such as its area, apothem, circumradius, etc. Herons Ve This is a simple function that to calculate the area of a triangle, given you know all three sides. The program has save support, and is very easy to navigate. Line Through Give this function the coordinates of two points and it will return the equation of the line passing through them.

Reminder That it’s a Short Week This Week – volumenes de cuerpos geometricos

Circumradius Obtain the circumradius of a triangle with given side lengths. You can choose to have an approximate decimal answer or a fractional exact answer. These are the most useful group of programs created.

Number cjerpos Regions, Etc. A quick guide to which angles are equal to each other. It will also find the length of the chord’s arc. Valuable Geometric Formulas Obtains several useful and exotic formulas that are frequently overlooked. Gudermannian Function This function computes the inverse things of the mercator projection. Mittenpunkt-Symmedian Obtains the distance between the Mittenpunkt and the Symmedian Point in a triangle.


Geometry Toolbox 2 89 v1. Parallel Lines and Angles This program draws a picture of aras happens when a line crosses two parallel lines and the angles that form.

Just input the number of sides. This includes the popular Math Heaven: Incluye visualizacion de la poligonal. Solve for the unknown height, distance, user, or angle of any theodolite measured angle bolumenes putting 0 in for the unknown. Calculations for Pi Gives 3 different examples of how to calculate PI.

This is a very handy program when conducting multiple calculations! Space Curves 89 This program adds new functionality to your TI Well, here are a group of 14 unique functions that solve for the surface area and volume of the seven basic solids.

Mittenpunkt-Spieker Obtains the distance between the Mittenpunkt and geometeicos Spieker Point in a triangle. Point-Slope to Slope-Intercept Given a point and the slope of the line, this program find the line through that given point with that given slope and puts the line in slope-intercept, or y-intercept, form.

Surfaces Analysis Assistant The program analyses a parametric 3D surface and calculates Jacob matrix, characteristic, area, tangent plane, flux, surface integral and more over. In the Cheops’ pyramid you can find more than 25 ratios which include the golden mean ratio Phi. Shapes Solver This program solves for the lateral area, surface area, and volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres, and finds the area of trapazoids and ellipses. Triangle Center Symbols Lists various symbols used to depict various important points in a triangle i.

He proclaims the best? Hero’s Formula This program computes the area of a triangle given the lengths of the sides. Geometry A quick reference for common two dimensional and three dimensional geometric formulas. The user need only enter the points. It is volhmenes useful in geometry class. This program allows the user to type in the coordinates for two points and have it calcualate the slope, distance, midpoint, x-intercept, y-intercept, and equation of the line.


Calculate pi on your 89 using a simple, easy golumenes understand algorithm. Parabola Equation This program will find the equation of a parabola given the vertex and directrix, vertex and focus, or focus and directrix.

(Microsoft Word – Ejercicios \341reas y volumenes de cuerpos …

Symmedian-Circumcenter Obtains the distance between the Symmedian Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle. If this cannot be done, the function returns the boolean “false”. Orthocenter-Mittenpunkt Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Mittenpunkt in a triangle.

A single text files covers the TI and TI Interpolation of levels curves. Orthocenter-Gergonne Obtain the distance between the Orthocenter and the Gergonne Point in a triangle. Given a regular n-gon, areaas one of the following from: Conic Sections A program for quick access to values involving conic sections. In case of one or more points inside the polygon the program calculates also the barycentre of all the points.

Pas de limites de points. Bicentric Quadrilateral Compute different properties of bicentric quadrilaterals. A must-have if you dde having trouble with conics or if you are just tired of them. Also, if it is an equilateral polygon, it finds the value of one of the interior angles.

Math Programs These are programs that solve equations such as volume of cylinder with just the input of a few numbers.