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Samples that contain appreciable amounts of Jacket No. Standardized methods in the laboratory are mandatory for obtaining precise analytical re- sults. For ex- ample, it makes little sense to expect lignin to be a good predictor of digestibility if silica or some other factor is a more important variable.

Arquivos Semelhantes Bromatologia Bromatologia. The in vitro, however, does not disclose anything re- garding the nature of the limiting factor. In general, oil baths and large hotplates are not satisfactory for quantitative work.

The addition of asbestos to the sample may help filtration, but this involves the laborious operation of preparing the asbestos before use and also makes subsequent bromatologka on the residue more difficult or impossible. Parts of refluxing apparatus are supported with flex- aframe unit.

Secagem por Destilação by Leandro Akira on Prezi

Apostila de bromatologia Apostila de bromatologia. Quartz immersion heater, 1,0 or w. The manifold is made from large polyethylene pipe, 2 feet 60 cm. Figure 1 shows a section of the refluxing ap- paratus.

A variable transformer with a capacity of 10 a. Laboratory evaluation of forage is essentially aimed at obtaining analytical data that predict the extent of biological degradation under speci- fied conditions, animals, organisms, and time. Filtra- tion must be individually controlled for each crucible.


The assays are for things that are expedient to handle, are known, or are considered important, and its evaluation is valid only if the principals concerned are dominant in d sample. The Y is insulated and wrapped with asbestos tape so that the hot water can be manipulated without protection for the hands. Vinyl- ized clamps are used bromatklogia allow for expansion of glassware due to temperature change.

A convenient setup is shown in figure 7. Clamps, pinchcocks, Mohr e. Samples that contain appreciable amounts of. If solution is properly made, pH adjustment will rarely be required. Neutral-detergent cell-wall 8 Acid-detergent lignin 9 Permanganate lignin, cellulose, insoluble ash, and silica 9 Acid-detergent cutin 1 Crucible cleaning 1 Acid-detergent nitrogen 1 Pepsin-insoluble nitrogen 12 Hot-water-insoluble matter and its nitrogen content Comparison of hot and cold sample weighing 17 Estimation of nutritive value from chemical data 18 Literature cited bbromatologia Apparatus In general, equipment that is used for crude fiber may be adapted to the detergent fiber pro- cedures.

A glass lining 5-m. The filter manifold is shown in figures 3, 4, and 5. Ds water system is directly above the filter mani- fold with two sets of six refluxing units on each side. The filter manifold is constructed to hold six crucibles, so that six samples can be filtered at one time.

Forage Fiber Analysis

This latter task of identification remains the duty of chemical studies. A thick- wall hose feeds water to the filtering manifold.

The hose terminates with a Y connector, fitted on one end with bromatolofia burette tip end and on the other with a tube, which allows each to be clamped off. Ceramic plates pro- tect coils from liquids spilled on the plate, which avoids electrical problems.


Forage Fiber Analysis – Aparatos, reagentes procedimentos e aplicações da análise

Flexaframe hook connectors need approx- imately 36 for a set of six hotplates h. Rings, cast iron, 4-in. Often a very significant volume can be filtered without any vacuum. In vitro fermentations will be influenced by all factors and inhibitors known and unknown. In general, an in vitro rumen fermentation re- flects the factors known and unknown limiting availability of forage to the digesting organism. Check normality by titration before addition of detergent.

Nocoes sobre analise de alimentos_Apostila

This setup allows for refluxing detergents continuously and also allows the technician sufficient time for filtering and washing of the residues. Economia Micro e Macro Sobre microeconomia e macroeconomia. Ao utilizar o arquivo favor referencia-lo.

Beakers, Berzelius without spout, ml. Condensers, reflux, crude-fiber, Pyrex. The water-heating appa- ratus is supported on one flexaf rame rod. Resuspend mat in water and pour into a square bag sewn from a rectangle of fiber- glass window screening of 14 x 18 mesh about 1 m.

The funnels are supported on a 1- x 4-in. Water is stored in an elevated carboy reservoir above and to the side of the heater. Bromatologis general, filtration manifolds suitable for crude fiber do not adapt well unless they conform to the following specifications.

Other types of reflux apparatus probably are suitable if they conform to the following criteria: These include sample preparation, filtration and washing, and efficiency in han- dling large apotsila of samples.