10 Results The humanist contemporary political philosopher Webster Griffin Tarpley is our most incisive critic of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist. Webster Tarpley – Against Oligarchy – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Webster Griffin Tarpley (born September ) is an American author, historian, journalist, . Against Oligarchy (); Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human History (); updated edition,

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His approving comment Hie est digitus Dei, “Here is the finger of God”has become a feature of the turgid Jesuit homiletics. The Vecchi, they said, were paralyzed by too much fear of Spanish power, and not ready enough to tangle with the people.

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Lists with This Book. To top it all off, the sultan of Egypt had paid a substantial bribe to Dandolo to keep the Crusaders out of Palestine in the first place. All Venetian trading privileges in Greece were restored.

He died shortly after the Venetian warships arrived, and Venice thereupon pulled out of any serious fighting against the Turks. Through their cooperation with the best representatives of Medici Florence in the time of the Council of Florence ofNicolaus and Aeneas Silvius saved western civilization from the Dark Age that had begun with the defeat of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen at the hands of the Black Guelph oligarchs.

To this the knights readily agreed, and the feudal army forced the capitulation of Zara, which had been in revolt against Venice.

Pole was a Plantagenet. Spalatin appears as Luther’s interlocutor in theology “he influenced Luther very strongly in the direction of clarity,” says Hoessbut his adviser and indeed his controller in matters of political tactics and strategy.

Ina year before Luther’s Wittenberg theses, Contarini wrote De Officio Episcopi, a treatise of church reform for his friend Lippomanno, who was about to become a bishop.

The more than one and one-half millennia of Venetian continuity is first of all that aganist the oligarchical families and the government that was their stooge, but it is even more the relentless application of a characteristic method of statecraft and political intelligence. Venice remained impervious to foreign invasion from the first settlement until At the center of the play are epistemological questions of truth and proof.


This began a correspondence, of which of Luther’s letters to Spalatin, but only a few of Spalatin’s to Luther, have survived. On one occasion he wrote, “Association with the Venetians brings two things which have always been rejected by men of wisdom: The Gran Consiglio elected a Council tarpleey Forty, which was first devoted to budget and finance matters, later more to criminal prosecution.

Available for harpley now. Venice called itself the Serenissima Republica Serene Republicbut it was no republic in oligadchy sense comprehensible to an American, as James Fenimore Cooper points out in the oligarchg to his novel The Bravo. And therefore if I did not only esteem you and Mutianus and Spalatinus completely as men both learned and well-disposed towards me, but also love you so very much in return, I would be the most ungrateful man of all.

Batu, a nephew of Ghengis, defeated the Bulgarians incaptured Kiev in the Ukraine inand swept into Poland. The Duchy of Milan would shortly come under the domination of the condottiero mercenary commander Oligwrchy Sforza, installed in power with the help of the Medici, and an enemy of Venice.

Venice mobilized every resource at its disposal to destroy the Renaissance. These ventures live on today in the biggest business enterprise associated with Venice, the Assicurazioni Generali Venezia, one of the biggest if not the biggest insurance and real estate holdings in the world.

Against Oligarchy by Webster Griffin Tarpley.pdf (PDFy mirror)

Archived from the original on September 3, About Webster Griffin Tarpley. It is also this tandem that was present at the creation of the great Amsterdam Bank, the financial hinge of the seventeenth century, and of the Tarplfy East India Company. Reality was located in the fact that an elite of ten to fifteen families out of the one hundred fifty effectively ruled with an iron hand. It contrasts sharply with the papacy, where the highest office was up for grabs every dozen years or less, and where humanist factions could sometimes prevail.

The most significant fact of this entire period is that the whelp of what was later to become Venice survived and grew thanks to its close alliance with the evil Emperor Justinian in Constantinople, an alliance that was underlined in later years by intermarriage of doge and other leading Venetian oligarchs with the nobility of Byzantium, where a faction embodying the sinister traditions of the Roman Senate lived on for a thousand years agaainst the fall of Rome in The Greek and Latin delegations were each profoundly vitiated by powerful Aristotelian factions, but this was still one of the most impressive assemblies in history.


But I love you and honor and render you immortal thanks because you have summoned me to this mutual good will. Kick the Barbarians out!

Archived from the original on June 26, In this it proved effective, giving the Renaissance almost half a century of time to develop under the longa pax of the Medici. Cosimo was a self-declared enemy of Venice.

The real danger was a hostile power that developed epistemological defenses against manipulation and deceit. As regards satisfaction for sins committed, and into which human weakness falls, His passion is sufficient and more than sufficient.

Against Oligarchy Essays and Speeches, 1970-1996

At a later time, black Africans were added to the list and rapidly became a fad among the nobility of the republic. What Othello then regards as definitive proof of adultery, sufficient to motivate the murder of Desdemona, is a handkerchief which Iago obtains and plants on Cassio.

Venetian influence was decisive in cutting off the Elizabethan epoch in Olgiarchy, and in opening the door to the lugubrious Jacobean era. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Shortly thereafter, Othello demands certainty that Desdemona is betraying him. One of Atainst most useful Italian contacts proved to be [Pier Paolo] Vergerio’s brother Giacomo, a fellow Franciscan, who told him that the eastern coast of the Adriatic was a rich hunting ground for relics and suggested that younger members of his family might be available to make deliveries to Saxony.

Great Britain votes to leave the European Union; the coalition that put Brexit together; strategic and financial alliance with China; the Renminbi; the British people lose out; the euro dollar market; the Asian International Infrastructure Bank; British oligarchy; plebiscites and referenda; no British constitution; the coming chaos. Apparently the response from Spalatin was encouraging, for Pier Paolo made preparations to leave for Saxony; he was deterred from starting his journey, however, by reports of an outbreak of plague along the route.

He has no real insight into affairs of state, or into psychology.