Who could do such a thing? Certainly not someone like Devon DavenportÑa straight-A student-athlete with everything going for her. But in a moment. During Devon’s declination hearing, Jenifer starts to question how she raised Devon. She is convinced that it is her fault that Devon abandoned. AFTER. by Amy Efaw. Age Range: 12 & up. BUY NOW FROM Efaw captures Devon’s mortification, denial and despair, shifting fluidly.

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In a fit of panic, she stuffed her new born into a trash bag outside her house and left her there to die. Also by Amy Efaw. View all 8 comments.


I feel bad now. Too much time was spent in Devon’s head, getting her to remember and not enough time establishing her as a person who would do what she did at the close. I felt phantom labor pains at one point. I was able to connect with the characters, which is something I’ve had difficulty doing in recent reads. There wasn’t any condescending or overly sympathetic tone in the narrative, no interruption from the author, absolutely nothing–very straightforward.

Devon has just given birth; the baby in the trash is hers. Lists with This Book.

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Fifteen is so young, so very very young, and your heart breaks for Devon. Props to Amy Efaw. Her mother, recently home from a night shift at Safeway, answers the door and starts her usual flirting.

She seems more interested in wallowing in self-pity than taking action and helping herself get out of the situation. Buy the Audiobook Download: FYI I would not recommend this as a YA book, the birth scene is very descriptive and had me skimming: Dec 02, Pages Young Adult Buy.


Dalam bahasa sederhana, merupakan kemampuan benak manusia untuk tidak mengakui sesuatu yang sebenarnya sungguh-sungguh terjadi. After tells the tale of a teenage girl jailed after dumping her baby in a trash can. Her works include After and Battle Dress. It really made the story realistic. So far, Devon has been successful — a model student, a reliable babysitter, an amazing soccer player.

Jadi mau bagaimana lagi?? I would give this book 3. Deep in denial, soccer star, Devon, can barely even admit that she was pregnant at all.

But then it didn’t. Will she be considered in trial as an adult or Juvienile? Although it was difficult to empathize with some of Devin’s actions, I cared about her character. I was all geared up and ready to hate and judge Devon. See all Product description. The baby was found alive and Devon was found, ater conscious, bleeding on her living room couch by the polic At 15, Devon Sky Davenport was a high school soccer star, she volunteered with youth soccer agter held one-on-one training sessions with young players, she worked as a babysitter, and she maintained top grades and took honors classes.

All I know is I’m glad I read this novel, but I definitely need a light and fluffy book in my future. There were parts where I despised Devon and other parts that I felt sorry for her. Too much for my taste, in fact.


And it broke my heart. What is going to happen to her future? Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

After by Amy Efaw | : Books

Find out what india reads. I needed to find out what pushed Devon to do something so horrible. I find that nearly impossible. Dalam tahap pendewasaan itu muncul berbagai perubahan penting, yang cukup jelas adalah perubahan secara fisik. AFTER is definitely an engaging read. Want to see more bookish things from me?

Months go by and she notices herself not feeling good, dragging. Trus yg paling bikin gw gregetan, dalam menangani Devon yg banyak kehilangan darah, ASI-nya yg ngucur banyak, nyeri di sekujur tubuh akibat kejadian itu, kayaknya pihak berwajib nggak ada toleransinya di awal-awal.

The police eventually track it back to her and she ends up in prison. However, I will say that I actually really enjoyed this book and I found myself feeling really bad for Devon even though what she did was horrible.

I know whenever I read stories like these in the paper I think,” How cruel! I did like the writing style as well as the characters. I amt 19 when I became pregnant with my son and I hid me pregnancy for about three and half months until I could finally face the fact that I was indeed pregnant. Book 4 Lee 1 2 Mar 14, afrer Oh iya halaman sampai bikin aku menangis.