Hieronder vind je 12 betekenissen van het woord ADR. ADR. Europees verdrag betreffende het internationaal vervoer van gevaarlijke goederen over de weg. European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Treaty data. Treaty number: ; Date of conclusion. Verdrag inzake conventionele strijdkrachten in Europa, Parijs, Geldend van ADR. D MRP. OT/R YP PWMR. OT DP. PWCO.

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Subject to the provisions in Section I, paragraph 3 of the Protocol on Helicopter Recategorisation, all models or versions of an existing type of specialised attack helicopter listed above shall be deemed to be vervrag attack helicopters of that type. I consider matters of dispute arising out of the implementation of this Treaty. Each State Party shall have the right to recategorise individual multi-purpose attack helicopters that do not have any of the vetdrag set forth in Section III, paragraph 1 of this Protocol by certification alone.


Unique sequential numbers shall be assigned such that the number assigned to the last object of verification appearing in the listing shall equal the State Party’s total number of objects of verification; and. Pursuant to Section V of the Protocol, each State Party shall provide a listing of its objects of verification and declared sites, as defined in Section I of the Protocol on Inspection.

C on the 15th day of December of the year in which the Treaty comes into force unless entry into force occurs within 60 days of the 15th day of Decemberand on the 15th day of December of every year thereafter, with the information effective as of the first day of January of the following year; and.

The location shall include the geographic name column c and coordinates accurate to the nearest 10 seconds column d. A State Party shall provide to all other States Parties the following information, either at least 42 days in advance of the conversion of the first helicopter of a type or at entry into force of the Treaty in the event that a State Party declares both multi-purpose attack helicopters and combat support helicopters of the same type:.

H Internationaal Verdrag van Hongkong voor het veilig en milieuvriendelijk recyclen van schepen. A removal of special equipment, including detachable equipment, that ensures the operation of the gun, howitzer, artillery piece combining the characteristics of guns and howitzers or mortar.

R Conventie van Ramsar Verdrag van Rotterdam. E all charges shall be fired simultaneously so that the main hull and turret are cracked and distorted; the breech block is stripped from the gun tube, fused or deformed; the gun tube is split or longitudinally cut; the gun mount or cradle is ruptured so as to be unable to mount a gun tube; and damage is caused to the running gear so that at least one of the road wheel stations is destroyed.

B Artillery shall be reduced by destruction or placement on static display, or, in the case of self-propelled artillery, by use as ground targets.

The photographs of each exemplar of a type shall contain an annotation of the existing type designation and national nomenclature for all models and versions of the type that the photographs of the exemplar represent. B for tracked armoured combat vehicles, severing of sections from both sides of the hull which include the final drive apertures, by vertical and horizontal cuts in the side plates and diagonal cuts in the deck or belly plates and front or rear plates, so that the final drive apertures are contained in the severed portions.

B location column dincluding the geographic name and coordinates accurate to the nearest 10 seconds. Each State Party shall provide to all other States Parties, following entry into force of the Treaty and coincident with each annual exchange of information pursuant to Section VII, paragraph 1, subparagraph C of this Protocol, the numbers of such battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft and attack helicopters.

In deze categorie staan verdragen en afspraken die betrekking hebben op het milieu. Each State Party shall use whatever technological means it deems necessary to implement the total disarming procedures set forth in Section III of this Protocol.


Each State Party shall have the right to inspect the certification of helicopters in accordance with Section IX of the Protocol on Inspection. Hulpmiddelen Links naar deze pagina Verwante wijzigingen Bestand uploaden Speciale pagina’s Permanente koppeling Paginagegevens Wikidata-item.

B Conventie van Bazel Conventie van Bern In order to enable the other States Parties to prepare for this conference, the request shall include verfrag reason why that State Party deems an extraordinary conference to be necessary. The notification of the maximum levels for holdings of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty provided by each State Party at the signature of this Treaty shall remain valid until the date specified in a subsequent notification pursuant to paragraph 3 of this Article.

A a heavy steel wrecking ball, or the equivalent, shall be dropped repeatedly onto the hull and the turret, if any, until the hull is cracked in at least three verdragg places and the turret, if any, in one place. A for all armoured combat vehicles, removal of special equipment from the chassis, including detachable equipment, that ensures the operation of on-board armament systems.


V The term “residual period” means, for the purpose of calculating inspection quotas, the specified time period following the day residual level validation period for the duration of the Treaty.

This notification shall specify:. Any such special hardpoints which are integral to the helicopter, as well as any special elements of general gerdrag hardpoints which are designed for use only ferdrag guided weapons, shall be rendered incapable of further employment with guided weapons; and.

E for attack helicopters: A are in the process of manufacture, including manufacturingrelated testing. Each State Party shall have the right to choose any one of the following sets of procedures each time it carries out the destruction of battle tanks at reduction sites.

B for each organisation, the two levels of command within the area of application immediately superior to that organisation shall be designated columns d wdr e. C by verddrag end of the third reduction phase, that is, no later than 40 months after entry into force of this Treaty, each State Party shall have reduced its total reduction liability in each of the categories of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty.

G consider and work out appropriate measures to ensure that information obtained through exchanges of information among the States Parties or as verdrxg result of inspections pursuant to this Treaty is used solely for the purposes of this Treaty, taking into account the particular requirements of each State Party in respect of safeguarding information which that State Party specifies as being sensitive.

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The process of total disarming and certification, or certification alone, shall be deemed completed when the certification procedures set forth in this Section have been completed regardless of whether any State Party exercises the certification inspection rights described in paragraph 3 of this Section and Section IX of the Protocol on Inspection, provided that within 30 days of receipt of the notification of completion of the certification and reclassificati on provided pursuant to paragraph 5 of this Section no State Party has notified all other States Parties that it considers that there is an ambiguity relating to the certification and reclassification process.

Q The term “conventional armaments and equipment subject to the Treaty” means battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft, primary trainer aircraft, unarmed trainer aircraft, combat helicopters, unarmed transport helicopters, armoured vehicle launched bridges, armoured personnel carrier look-alikes and armoured infantry fighting vehicle look-alikes subject to information exchange in accordance with the Protocol on Information Exchange.

Notification of a State Party’s intention to carry out conversion in accordance with this Section shall be given to all other States Parties at least 15 days in advance in accordance with Section X, paragraph 5 of the Protocol on Inspection.

Taking into account the provisions of the Geneva Convention “For the Amelioration of the Conditions of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field” of 12 August that confer a special status on ambulances, armoured personnel carrier ambulances shall not be deemed armoured combat vehicles or armoured personnel carrier look-alikes.


Montserrat, like The Bahamas, signed a Special Membership Agreement Januaryas it had not at the time, received the requested Entrustment from the Government of the United Kingdom which would have allowed for signature and ratification of the Revised Treaty.

E resolve technical questions in order to seek common practices among the States Parties in the way this Treaty is implemented. Such changes, pursuant to Article XVI, paragraph 5 of the Treaty shall be deemed improvements to the viability and effectiveness of the Treaty relating only to minor matters of a technical nature. B The term “stationing State Party” means a State Party stationing conventional armaments and equipment in service with its conventional armed forces outside its own territory and within the area of application.

P The term “combat support helicopter” means a combat helicopter which does not fulfill the requirements to qualify as an attack helicopter and which may be equipped with a variety of self-defence and area suppression weapons, such as guns, cannons and unguided rockets, bombs or cluster bombs, or which may be equipped to perform other military functions.

States Parties carrying out conversion for non-military purposes shall have ensured that the conversion of all battle tanks in accordance with Section VIII of the Protocol on Reduction shall have been completed by the end of the third reduction phase; and. The stationing State Party shall be fully responsible for compliance with the Treaty obligations in respect of its conventional armaments and equipment in service with its conventional armed forces stationed on the territory of the host State Party.

B for armoured combat vehicles: A the mortar tube shall be visibly bent approximately at its mid-point; and. Pursuant to Section IV of the Protocol, each State Party shall provide information on the location, number and type of its battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft and attack helicopters within the area of application but not in service with its conventional armed forces. Procedure for destruction by severing of guns, howitzers, artille ry pieces combining the characteristics of guns and howitzers, or mortars, that are not self-propelled:.

The foregoing notwithstanding, in order to enhance the implementation of this Treaty and to provide assurance that the number of such armaments held by such organisations shall not be used to circumvent the provisions of this Treaty, any such armaments in excess of 1, armoured infantry fighting vehicles assigned by a State Party to organisations designed and structured to perform in peacetime internal security functions shall constitute a portion of the permitted levels specified in Articles IV, V and VI.

Conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty in use for ground instructional purposes prior to the signature of the Treaty shall not be subject to any numerical limitations set forth in Article IV, V or VI of the Treaty, or the numerical limitations set forth in paragraph 2 of this Section.

In the southern part of the Leningrad Military District, no more than battle tanks, no more than armoured combat vehicles, including no more than armoured combat vehicles of any type with the remaining number consisting of armoured personnel carriers, and no more than pieces of artillery may be thus stored.

Each State Party shall provide to all other States Parties information pursuant to the Protocol on Information Exchange, hereinafter referred to as the Protocol, in accordance with the formats specified in this Annex. In the case of conventional armaments and equipment in service with the conventional armed forces of a State Party stationed in the area of application outside national territory, the host State Party and the stationing State Party shall, in fulfillment of their respective responsibilities, cooperatively ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of this Protocol.