Data Sheet. Pin Flash Microcontrollers .. 18F14K Example. -I/ML. . Original data sheet for PIC18F1XK22/LF1XK22 devices. Revision B . 18F14K22 Datasheet, 18F14K22 PDF, 18F14K22 Data sheet, 18F14K22 manual , 18F14K22 pdf, 18F14K22, datenblatt, Electronics 18F14K22, alldatasheet. Greetings again — I have been working with the 18F14K22 (mask rev pg of the data sheet indicates it takes Fosc/4 scales it from there.

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Younesser, You need to make your own config. What I am seeing is a hz interrupt with the above settings which indicates it is using the 8mhz direct into the timer I have the ISR toggling a led and it is toggling every 5ms. Jun 11, And I can assure you that is running at 64MHz. Any ideas what I am missing?? Interrupts, BOR, etc, are all off so there should be no mechanism for it to reset if locked. Comments 32 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback albhee June 30th, at And I tryed to use all pins of A bank as input and also to connect the input directly to Vdd or ground.

Thank you very much for your tutorial!! Unfortunately, due to a programming error or oversight, I have not managed to get the LED to blink and two Instead if you use PORT bits, you will directly to the pin and read from it.


I’ll bet the PIC will draw less than 1 mA with everything enabled. I do not use WD. Thank you for your reply.

PIC 18F14K22 DIL20, 8-BIT, 16K Flash

August 15th, at Datashfet, my password is: Full speed ahead – back to getting this working to keep the hummingbird feeders from freezing during our cold snaps here – yeah, a hand warmer and bubble wrap works, but this is MUCH more fun!

June 10th, at Results 1 to 9 of 9. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In the above program you first declared the internal oscillator freq in conf file. Is it worth it? You May Also Like: I am new to uc programming, excuse me for basic doubts Thanks.

Also you can refer to my previous posts on how to create your config file. Ah, that appears datasheeh be it – I had configured the int.

You are a genius! Sun Nov 28, Never mind about the LAT sentence, as you say it they are not defined for this datssheet.

If you want to do what you are trying to do, then try using switch-case. Feb 20, Now that I have said the required cautionary words it is possible that the problems are related to some reverse engineering vulnerability, and exposures of Intellectual Property – meaning code and 18g14k22 programming – that are hinted at.


PIC18F26K20 DIL 28, 8-BIT, 64K Flash | Microchip

If you look at a datasheet like the 12F, it has graphs for the power of the comparitors, ADC, timers, etc and they are all tiny. Its just a 18f14o22 to make sure you programming environment is set properly. But looking through the header file, looks like there are no definition for LAT bits.

Introduction to the Manually-Controlled Toaster Oven Reflow With the help of a DIY thermocouple measurement system, you can use a cheap toaster oven to accurately reproduce a reflow-soldering temperature profile.

Here is the config. Categories Blog Electronics Projects. RBO already addresses one bit. Tue Jun 05, 9: I am new to uc programming, excuse me for basic doubts.

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May 6th, at Sep 29, 1.